Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Illustration Friday: Lonely

Loneliness (one petal at a time)
I hadn't put much thought about this topic until last night and I threw out a couple of sketches and some random thoughts into my notebook. Once the idea was there, it was just a matter of jumping onto painter and here it is. So, let your loneliness bloom like a wilting flower. Have happy, fun drawing everyone.


Anonymous said...

love your art, may i ask what software you are mainly using?

stephen said...

About 6 years ago, I learned about Corel Painter 9. I was trying to beef up my digital illustrative skills so I took a course in it. I love the software, but then a couple of years ago I bought a mac and my software was for a pc so I thought I try out the hobbyist version called Corel Painter Essentials for the 3 month trial. I found I could do everything with this basic version that I could do before. So now I have been working exclusively on the Painter Essentials. I do sometimes wish I had more brush options, but that is not so important to me.

dosankodebbie said...

Interesting concept for this week's theme. :)