About the Artist

Jirisan Nat'l Park, South Korea
I am an artist from the desert of Tucson, Arizona living on the island of Jeju in South Korea. I have been painting and drawing all of my life, and much of my inspiration comes from the stories and myths that I have gained from my travels and readings. I am also enriched by the ecology and systems of our living world, and how the two are tied together through stories and myths. I am always looking for allegories that shed a new light on our existences as humans.

In my artwork, I try to enter a piece with a fresh open mind, without expectations. It is quiet challenging at times as an artist to do this. We bring so much into art, all the baggage we carry, all the successes and failures we have, along with our experiences, and we have the subject to tend with at the same time. We have our heroes of the art world and those mentors who have guided throughout our careers. But once you have entered the painting with a closed mind, it has already died.

Education Background
2007-2008 University of Alaska, Fairbanks Graduate School
2004-2006 Pima Community College, Digital Illustration, Animation
1997 Graduated from University of Arizona, BFA Painting and Drawing
1997 Summer Painting Course in Mexico
1989-1992 Salpointe Catholic High School, Humanities Program, Photography

2011 “I Love Jeju” Art Festival
2007 Fairbanks Graduate Exhibition: Push/Pull
2005 Pima Community College Media Show, Animation “Why there are Mosquitoes”

Illustrations and other art 
2012 'Re'cover of Achebe's 'Things Fall Apart' poster through DoeDeMee, as a means to fight illiteracy  
2011-2012 Cartoons for the Jeju Weekly
2011 Café Tae Hee Logo
2008 University of Alaska Student Services, Graphic Designer
2008 University of Alaska Fairbanks, Summer Course Catalog Cover
2005 Walter Douglas tee shirt for Reading Program, mural for school wall
1994 Illustration for University of Arizona Alumni Magazine

Teaching art 
2010-2012 Hagwi, Halla Elementary School, Art in English Program
2008-2012 Summer, Winter, Gifted English Camps in Korea
2007 University of Alaska Fairbanks, Instructor for Undergraduate Design Courses
2006 Reid Park Zoo, Saturday Classes, Summer Camp Program
2006 Pima Community College, Adult Extension Classes in Drawing
2001 Guest Lecturer at Chittagong College of Art, Bangladesh
1998-1999 Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp, Art Counselor
1996 Camp Mah Kee Nac, Art Counselor

2006 Tucson Visiting Artist Consortium Logo Contest, Winner
1997 Medici Art Scholarship, University of Arizona

Published Articles about Art 
2012 An Afternoon of Stories, Article for Jeju Weekly

2011 Interviewed by Jeju Weekly
2011 Radio Interview on Ariang